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SN. Product Name Price
1 Dell Laptop Led/Lcd Screen 2500 To 4200 RS
2 Dell Laptop Screen Panel (Top Covers) 1800 To 2900 RS
3 Dell Laptop Keyboard 1000 To 1600 RS
4 Dell Laptop Bottom Base Assembly 1600 To 2200 RS
5 Dell Laptop Palmrest (Touchpad) 1500 To 2500 RS
6 Dell laptop Ram Memory 1600 To 3600 RS
7 Dell Laptop Hard Drives 3300 To 3900 Rs
8 Dell Laptop Motherboard's Daughter Boards 1200 To 2300 RS
9 Dell laptop DC Jackes 1000 To 2200 RS
10 Dell Laptop Charging Circuits 1800 To 2600 RS
11 Dell Laptop Screen Cables / Dell Laptop Display Cables 1200 To 1800 RS
12 Dell Laptop Brackets / Laptop Hinges Rail 1000 To 1800 RS
13 Dell Laptop Brazzels 800 To 1600 RS
14 Dell Laptop Batteries (Orignal Batteries / compatible Batteries) 1500 To 3000 RS
15 Dell Laptop Adapter (65 watt adapter Dell adapter / Dell laptop 90 watii ac adapoter / 130 watt Dell ac adapter) 1000 To 1800 RS
16 Dell VGA Circuits , Dell HM Circuits 2200 To 3500 RS
17 Dell Laptop Graphics Circuit 2600 To 4500 RS
18 Dell Laptop Camera 1200 To 1800 RS
19 Dell Laptop Bluetooth 500 To 800 RS
20 Dell Laptop Speakers 1100 To 1500 Rs
21 Dell Laptop Fan 1100 To 1800 Rs
22 Dell Laptop Heatsink 1200 To 2200 Rs
23 Dell Laptop Processor 3000 To 6000 Rs
24 Dell laptop Servicing 850 To 1450 Rs

Note: Prices listed on the website for the different types of the repair/service and should not be taken as the exact price rather they are just a rough idea for the repair/service of your laptop. Actual costing varies with the model of your laptop and diagnosis of the problem your device is going through and variety, volume and capacity of spares parts required. The price plan is totally exclusive of Dell laptops parts and their costing. If required costing can be mailed as well as discussed over the phone as well. In no way, costing of parts is involved with fixing charges, and it is totally separate from the price of the parts required to effect the repair/service of the laptop or device.

Our minimum visiting charges are INR 450.00, with no exception to repair/service the only exception is if your scheduled call is canceled within two hours else these charges will be prevalent in every case.
No matters how major or minor the problem your laptop has encountered and whether it needs the installation of any hardware or software or not, if our agent or representative or technician makes your laptop or device ready to use, then in all such cases you are liable to pay INR 850.00 irrespective of the work carried out.



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